Epic Relief Calm Balm 100mg CBD / 1OZ


Epic Relief Calm Balm 100mg CBD / 1OZ


Epic Relief Calm Balm is designed to alleviate muscular tension and promote deeper sleep for athletic recovery

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New balm formula for faster absorbtion and smoother feel. 
Made with 99.9% Pure Hemp-Derived CBD, sourced from Colorado hemp farmers. 
Each batch of CBD is lab-tested to ensure quality and purity.  

Ideal Uses:-Muscular Tension-Stress Relief-Sleep -Recovery -Inflammation & Pain Relief Directions:-For best results, apply a pea-sized amount 3-5 times daily, and once before bed. 
Apply to neck, shoulders, and temples for calming stress relief.  

Ingredients:Organic Coconut Oil, Organic MCT Oil, US Grade A Beeswax, 99.9% Pure Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate, Essential Oils of Lavender & Clary Sage. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or illness. Consult a physician before use.